Drink Water for Your Skin Health and Beauty

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 The skin is the face and window of our body opening out and one of our 5 sense organs. The skin covering an area of 1,5 m2 in adults and protecting our body against external factors further provides the liquid balance and constant temperature of the body. Our skin is our largest organ which perceives the environment and warns us. Besides several functions, it is a fact that a soft, clear and smooth skin comes forth as one of the very first criteria in a person’s evaluation by others. In short, the skin is important in terms of both aesthetic and health and social aspects.

Water Is Required at Sufficient Level


The skin is consisted of layers referred to as upper skin (epidermis) and lower skin (dermis). Epithelial cells are produced in the lower layer of the epidermis. These cells proceed to the layer on the surface and takes the form of a corneous surface layer. This layer which forms the surface of the skin is a protective wall. It should take 3-4 weeks so that these continuously regenerated cells may go from the lower layer to the surface. When the skin layer formed by these cells contains sufficient water, this provides the skin with the necessary resilience and enables it to fulfil the necessary functions.


Without sufficient water, the skin starts to dry


Skin is the organ which vaporises and discharges the extra heat occurring in the body. If the circulatory system fails to bring sufficient water to the skin, i.e. if insufficient water is taken in, then the repair rate of the skin reduces and the skin starts to dry. Drying of the cells forming the skin has an adverse effect on the appearance and health of the skin. One must drink sufficient waterin order to have a healthy, soft and moist skin.

The basic cause of a dry and dull skin is dehydration. Dehydration occurs with loss of water in the skin. In dehydration, the water lost while using the water reservoirs in the skin may not have been replaced at the same rate. The most frequently observed dermal disease which is caused by dehydration is scleroderma. Skin becomes thinner and peeled on the arms, legs, hands and feet. At the first stage, water consumption must be increased. I can clearly see this when I follow up my clients by increasing their water consumption.


 Effect of water comparable to care products


Further, in a study carried out, consumption of an additional litre of water per day has significantly increased the skin’s water content. Skin’s dryness and roughness has reduced but resilience increased. According to researchers, affirmative changes occuring in the skin are comparable to those provided by care products applied to the skin. It is emphasised that attention must be paid to sufficient water intake for the physiology and health of the skin, especially for the prevention of the skin dryness.



Our body requires 8-10 glasses of water per day in order to be able to maintain its normal physiologic functions. As you buy gasoline for your car before it runs out of it in order not to be stranded, you have to drink water “before you are thirsty” in order not to get dehydrated. For both your skin health and healthy functioning of your other body functions…