Our Vision

To make Kaltun Madran one of the groups in which modern standards are adopted in human resources system and practices and which is primarily preferred for employment.


Our Values


  • Knowing that achievements of individuals shall be reflected on teams and those of teams on the whole group, Kaltun madran’s most important capital is its employees, and it is essential to invest in humans at all times.
  • . We believe in effective team work and make no concession of it. Every one is a part of the team and responsible for enhancing the synergy within the group.

  • We comply with laws and codes of conduct in all our relationships at all times and never make any concession of it with the consciousness of fulfilling our responsibilities towards the future generations.

  • All works are performed for the satisfaction of domestic and foreign customers. Therefore, we focus on the requirements and expectations of our customers in any and all products and services provided.

  • It essential to share any achievement and pride with all the team members.

  • We apply our quality philosophy to all areas of the business life and target quality of world standards in any and all works performed and carry out all our activities to this end.

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